Skopelos in the “must visit” list in 2023

Skopelos Greece

For travelers looking to mix adventure and unparalleled natural beauty, Skopelos is a perfect choice.
With mountainsides covered in lush vegetation that slope down to pebbly beaches and clear waters, Skopelos is an untouched gem in the Aegean Sea. With a reputation for being the greenest island in all of Greece, it’s fair to say that this small island’s natural color palette is very harmonious.
Despite its tiny size, Skopelos has a wide variety of beaches. Here, find olive trees, plum orchards, and clusters of pine trees on the water’s edge. Discover unusual rock formations along the coast too, along with sandy white bays, caves, and coves.
At the crux of the island lies Skopelos Town or the Chora, a melange of stone-paved twisting streets linked by creeping vines, bougainvillea-overflowed courtyards, tumbling rows of artisanal pottery shops, endless harbor views, and a 13th-century Venetian castle standing at the very top as the town’s surveyor.

Some locations might look familiar, especially if you’re Mamma Mia! The Movie fan. However, whether you’ve seen the movie or not, the moment you step foot on Skopelos, you’ll realize that this island has thrived in a remarkable way.
Although quite popular, Skopelos continues to be a serene haven in the Northern Sporades island chain, and it still retains the feel of being undiscovered despite its rise to fame in Hollywood.

A stunning backdrop of the chapel Agios Ioannis in Skopelos.
You’ll quickly realize that there are plenty of things to do on Skopelos as you explore the island, from hiking and biking to swimming and snorkeling.
You can start by sampling local delicacies like skopelitiki tiropita (cheese pie) and the island’s famous olive oil. Movie fanatics can join a Mamma Mia tour around the island, outdoor enthusiasts can hike through pine-forested mountains, and obviously, beach hopping is a no-brainer.

You’ll undoubtedly find a plethora of things to do and see in Skopelos, whether you’re searching for a romantic getaway, taking the family on vacation, or if you’re traveling solo.

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