At Aperitton Hotel we want to offer our guests a complete travel experience.
We organize activities that will be suitable for all your preferences. From kayaking and
scuba diving lessons to country tours, you will definitely find what suits you best.


In Skopelos there are wonderful beaches of unique beauty! The blue of the sea is combined with the green of the pines and they compose a magical image that will excite every traveler. Visit Kastani beach, Milia, Stymfalos and Veliano. Other organized, with beach bars and suitable for families and other more secluded, all the beaches of Skopelos will excite you.

Water sports

Enjoy moving experiences in Skopelos! On the island you can do various water sports and activities such as jet skiing, water kayaking, rowing (SUP), but also find various games for children and grownups to enjoy. Upon request, Aperitton organizes kayaking and scuba diving sessions which are very popular on the island, and you should definitely try them while you are on vacation in Skopelos.

Tours in the town of Skopelos

The capital of Skopelos, Chora, is a traditional town of the island ideal for leisurely walks. The picturesque alleys and the traditional architecture have remained unchanged over time. Chora is full of cafes, bars and restaurants. At Aperitton Hotel we organize tours for all our guests who wish to get to know the country in depth. Contact us for more information.

Pottery Workshop

At Aperitton Hotel we organize pottery classes for all our guests who want to try a special and unprecedented experience! The courses are held upon request with Mr. Nikos Rodios, a renowned artist in the field of pottery with dozens of honors in Greece and abroad. Contact us and meet a unique kind of art that will fascinate you!


Who does not want to try good food while on vacation? Skopelos is an island with great gastronomy and has many traditional recipes and local products that are worth trying. Plums, oil, honey, sweets such as traditional greek marzipan and of course the famous Skopelos cheese pie are just some of them. In Skopelos you will also find fresh fish that you can taste in one of the restaurants or taverns of the island.