Mamma Mia’s Skopelos

Skopelos has a special place in the context of the anniversary events for the music of the musical Mamma Mia, as mentioned in a New York Times tribute.
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the appearance of the musical hits that framed the timeless musical, a multitude of activities keep the interest of millions of music lovers in many countries of the world undiminished through thematic museums, concerts and numerous events.

The scenery of the musical refers to Skopelos
According to the article, the atmosphere and energy of Mamma Mia and the music of ABBA are uniquely conveyed by the culinary musical dance performances “Mamma Mia the Party” held in Stockholm and London, offering a mental journey to Skopelos, the magical island of Sporades. The rich and detailed sets of the performances represent the picturesque alleys, squares and taverns of Skopelos, the island where the movie “Mamma Mia” was filmed.

It is noted that there has been a special collaboration with the Municipality of Skopelos and the organizers to promote the destination to hundreds of thousands of Mamma Mia fans through the popular shows at the O2 multipurpose hall in the British capital.

“With “vehicle” Mamma Mia and its unforgettable music, we are looking for original ways of promoting Skopelos. Our goal for the coming years is to highlight the special forms of tourism, the activities, the culture, the gastronomy and all those quality elements that the traveler can enjoy outside of the high tourist season on our island”, said the president of the Municipality’s Tourism Committee Skopelos Eva Karamesini.