What to do on Skopelos

Very green, very serene
Your holidays in Skopelos will be painted green and blue. About 80% of Skopelos is covered in dense, luxuriant forest. The sea and greenery merge into one on beaches such as Milia, Panormos, Elios, Velanio, Glysteri, Agnontas, Pethameni, Armenopetra and Antrines, where pine trees embrace the Aegean Sea, providing shade after a refreshing dip.

Skopelos town: A picturesque labyrinth
You will see the town as soon as your ferry moors. It is the capital and harbour of the island and, spreading out across the cove, it skirts the landscape and climbs towards the ruins of a Byzantine castle. It’s all here: flagstone streets with whitewashed stairs, flowers on the patios, ornate arches, pretty windowsills, well-kept homes built by rich merchants, sailors and landowners. Tucked in among all this are 40 little chapels. This is the main town and it beckons to you to immerse yourself in its beauty, especially when you take a break at an ouzerie or have a drink under the mulberry trees.

Glossa: Keeping old traditions alive
A small community built into the hillside on the northwestern part of the island, Glossa is known for its sleepy streets and the church of Panagia Eleutherotria (The Liberator). It is here that a shipwrecked sailor would come to pray for his safety. The story goes that he found the Virgin Mary’s icon and was saved. In the village, you will find a pottery workshop that keeps old traditions alive.

The plums of Skopelos
Three different varieties are cultivated here: avgato (a dessert plum), sour (used for jams) and Agen (the French variety, used in cooking and dried as prunes). They all contain the sweetness of Skopelos.

Source: discovergreece.com